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Longo and Weidman mixed martials arts is the premiere mixed martial arts gym in New York, offering world-class instruction and training by qualified professionals. We offer a very practical and versatile place to train and get in shape. Whether you are looking to get in shape, learn practical forms of self-defense, looking to compete/fight, or simply looking to obtain a better quality of life, LAW MMA can accommodate you.  LAW MMA's offers classes in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, wrestling, and basic jujitsu, with an emphasis on conditioning, technique, and a healthier lifestyle.

We offer top-level instruction from pro-fighters and pro-coaches (please see trainers page). Our classes range from beginner to advanced. LAW MMA has produced some of the most talented amateur and professionals in their chosen discipline and continues to instill hard work, dedication, self-confidence, and success in all of our students.

Come visit us and find out which one of our programs fit your needs and budget. We also offer personal training sessions. Our facility is comprised of 6500 square feet of industrial warehouse space with a regulation size  MMA Cage and over 3000 square feet of mats! We are committed to providing our members/fighters with the necessary equipment insuring them a creative and intense workout. We are always staffed with certified instructors. We do provide punching mitts and Thai pads for those who do not own their own pads.


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“Whether you want to get in shape, stay in shape or fight in the UFC, if you live within 50 miles of LAW MMA of Garden City you should be training here! LAW MMA has what you need.”

Dennis- Consultant

“The best possible place to train, whether it’s to learn or increase your skill set in any form of martial art or to condition your body. Being able to watch to watch serious fighters and to feel in some small way that you are part of that elite group of existing or future champions, is the ultimate motivation.”


"Great coaches, great training. You'll get lots of support and you'll get top level training."

Lory- Excutive Producer

“Awesome gym. World class instruction, great atmosphere…big, clean, new space. Will not find many gyms of this quality anywhere in the country.”


"Great place, great people and great atmosphere..highly recommended!"

Kemail-Owner of a BJJ School

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